Rapid Web Development With Agile Methodo

Rapid Web Development With Agile Methodology – Agile has been a buzzword in the realm of software development for a couple of years now. Yet, not many understand what it really is or are aware of its long-term business impact. Basically, the Agile manifesto is a set of predefined principles that have agility and flexibility at the core of the entire development process. The development is usually carried out by few cross-functional teams that are self-organized. The tea… http://ow.ly/HEJT504UUlT

PyDev of the Week: Katie McLaughlin – Th

PyDev of the Week: Katie McLaughlin – This week, we welcome Katie McLaughlin (@glasnt) as our PyDev of the Week! She is a core developer of the BeeWare project. You should take a moment and check out her Github profile to see what fun projects she’s a part of. Katie also has a fun little website and was a speaker at PyCon 2016. Let’s take a few moments to get to know her better! Can you tell us a little about yourself? http://ow.ly/3MIv504UUlV

Playing Atari Games Using RAM State – In

Playing Atari Games Using RAM State – In 2013 the Deepmind team invented an algorithm called deep Q-learning. It learns to play Atari 2600 games using only the input from the screen. Following a call by OpenAI, we adapted this method to deal with a situation where the playing agent is given not the screen, but rather the RAM state of the Atari machine. Our work was accepted to the Computer Games Workshop accompanying the IJCAI 2016 conference. This post describes the or… http://ow.ly/HySU504UUlU

Analyzing Images in HDF 2.0 Using Tensor

Analyzing Images in HDF 2.0 Using Tensorflow – As part of a live Drone ingest, I want to identify what in the image. The metadata provides a ton of information on GPS, altitude and image characteristics, but not what’s in the image. IBM, Microsoft, and Google all have APIs that do a good job of this and they for the most part of “free” tiers. I wanted to run something locally using libraries installed on my cluster. For my first option, I used TensorFlow Inception-v3 Im… http://ow.ly/kgEX504UUlX

The Java Web App Journey… SOAP Service

The Java Web App Journey… SOAP Services (Part 2) – In part 1, we did most of the setup of our new web service project, and we were able to generate an initial WSDL. Now we want to deploy something (even if minimal) to our Eclipse Tomcat server — so we are jumping right in from where we left off. Java Config We completed a web application (it used the Shape Calculator) that we covered over several articles, and here is where we began to discuss doing configuration with… http://ow.ly/WnSk504UUlW

Podcast: Angular 2, ASP.NET Core and Doc

Podcast: Angular 2, ASP.NET Core and Docker with Dan Wahlin http://ow.ly/43im504UTz6

Difference Between Bigdata and Hadoop –

Difference Between Bigdata and Hadoop – In this article, we will understand the very basic question which the beginners in the field of Big Data have. That is What is the difference between Big Data and Apache Hadoop. 1. Introduction The difference between Big Data and Apache Hadoop is distinct and quite fundamental. But most of the people especially the beginners … http://ow.ly/hIe2504UTr2