MySQL 8.0 roles – One of the most intere

MySQL 8.0 roles – One of the most interesting features introduced in MySQL 8.0 is roles or the ability of defining a set of privileges as a named role and then granting that set to one or more users. The main benefits are more clarity of privileges and ease of administration. Using roles we can assign the same set of privileges to several users, and eventually modify or revoke all privileges at once. Roles in a nutshell Looking at the manual, we see that using roles is …

#Video: Rob Riggs: Leveraging Child Them

#Video: Rob Riggs: Leveraging Child Themes and Grandchild Themes to Streamline Development

#Video: Josh Pollock: Discovering The Co

#Video: Josh Pollock: Discovering The Content Endpoints Of The WordPress REST API

#Video: Aaron Reimann: Panel – Hosting C

#Video: Aaron Reimann: Panel – Hosting Companies

#Presentation: 初心者から始める Bluemix × IoT_ve

#Presentation: 初心者から始める Bluemix × IoT_ver2 – IoT縛りの勉強会�! IoTLT vol.25 @freeeの資料です。

#Presentation: 初心者から始める Node-RED x IoT –

#Presentation: 初心者から始める Node-RED x IoT – Node-RED UG勉強会 Vol.4 「Node-RED x つかってみた!」の資料です。

Step by step to host your web applicatio

Step by step to host your web application to Github – 1. Create a new empty github repository: The local project has the following folder structure: lib( folder )    |- angular.js angular_controller.html Follow the instructions in above picture to push the local project to github. Once done, it should look like below: 2. use command git checkout –orphan gh-pages to create a new branch named “gh-pages”. Add all files in local project to this branch and push them to githu…