Watch: Highlights of the Microsoft Data

Watch: Highlights of the Microsoft Data Science Summit – (This article was first published on Revolutions, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) I just got back from Atlanta, the host of the Microsoft Machine Learning and Data Science Summit. This was the first year for this new conference, and it was a blast: the energy from the 1,000 attendees was palpable. I covered Joseph Sirosh’s keynote presentation yesterday, but today I wanted to highlight a few other talks from…

How to Serialize Object in Java – Serial

How to Serialize Object in Java – Serialization Example – Serialization is one of the important but confusing concept in Java. Even experienced Java developer struggle to implement Serialization correctly. The Serialiation mechamism is provided by Java to save and restore state of an object programatically. Java provides two classes Serializable and Externalizable in package to facilitate this process, both are marker interface i.e. an interface without any meth…

Ruby on Rails Security: Best Practices –

Ruby on Rails Security: Best Practices – Frameworks are primarily designed to help web developers build web applications. In spite of numerou

Presentation: On-Calliday: Un-sucking Yo

Presentation: On-Calliday: Un-sucking Your On-Call Experience

Presentation: Open Source for Closed Sou

Presentation: Open Source for Closed Source Companies – Just because you’re selling SaaS doesn’t mean you can’t adopt open source principles in your organiz

Presentation: 複数のマイクロサービスと連携したWeb APIの設計

Presentation: 複数のマイクロサービスと連携したWeb APIの設計と構築 in Playframework Scala / play-scala with services

Presentation: Keep Calm and CF Push on A

Presentation: Keep Calm and CF Push on Azure – Gil Isaacs talks about Microsoft’s open source PaaS strategy and shows an example of how we can deploy Java micro-services to (Pivotal) Cloud Foundry on Azure using a Cloud Foundry Service Broker to leverage higher level Azure services. By Gil Isaacs