Video: Android Game Development Process

Video: Android Game Development Process with Unreal Engine 4

Video: Static Code Analysis with Python

Video: Static Code Analysis with Python

Presentation: flatbuffers – (Almost) eve

Presentation: flatbuffers – (Almost) every web application passes data from place to place, and a common way to do that is with

How to Cluster an Android Phone and a PC

How to Cluster an Android Phone and a PC Using JavaX – Remember the old days of the Commodore 64? It had a 1 MHz CPU which could run up to half an instruction per clock. It also had a disk drive which contained the exact same CPU. Usually, the drive’s processor didn’t do much except when loading and saving. But some smart people actually turned the computer + drive combo into a sort of cluster, calculating Mandelbrot sets on both machines in parallel.

Snakes on a Drone: Python Takes to the S

Snakes on a Drone: Python Takes to the Sky – Drones are making a push to become a major piece of hardware for solution providers. They’re currently used for mapping, search and rescue, and even surveying and managing invasive species. When you combine their commercial applications with hobbyist enthusiasm, you get some pretty impressive numbers. The FAA recently lifted their application procedure for running a drone business, a new permission that will go into effect th…

Using Microsoft R in Enterprise Environm

Using Microsoft R in Enterprise Environments – This article talks about using the the positive aspects of setting up R in enterprise environment and give instructions on first steps how to do it.

Integrating with Rabbit MQ Using Spring

Integrating with Rabbit MQ Using Spring Integration Java DSL