Playing with HANA parameters – The purpo

Playing with HANA parameters – The purpose of this blog was to share two end to end examples of passing parameters within HANA and using placeholders in SELECT statements. I have created two scenarios: HANA Table –> Table Function (with parameters) –> Calculation View (with parameters) HANA Table –> Calculation View (with parameters) –> Procedure (with parameters) The biggest lesson I learnt was to decide up front what you want to call your parameters and not to make an…

#Video: Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beg

#Video: Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 25 – Function Example

#Presentation: GraphQL – Evolution or Re

#Presentation: GraphQL – Evolution or Revolution?

Must Read: Identity Cards and Terrorism.

Must Read: Identity Cards and Terrorism. – In 2006, the UK government was seriously considering an ID Card, backed by a powerful database. It had made progress in the specification and the choice of contractors to deliver the scheme. The card was to be the most sophisticated on Earth, and via an API (an interface that would allow merchants and millions of computers to seamlessly access its citizen records) it was to be deeply integrated into British life. It would have …

Cognitive Impact: From Smartphones to Ma

Cognitive Impact: From Smartphones to Machine Learning – The smartphone changed everything. The level of trust and intimacy that we impart upon this 5-inch p

SSIS project foreach loop editor does no

SSIS project foreach loop editor does not show configuration for ADO or ADO.NET enumerator

Testing the Hierarchical Risk Parity alg

Testing the Hierarchical Risk Parity algorithm – (This article was first published on R – QuantStrat TradeR, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) This post will be a modified backtest of the Adaptive Asset Allocation backtest from AllocateSmartly, using the Hierarchical Risk Parity algorithm from last post, because Adam Butler was eager to see my results. On a whole, as Adam Butler had told me he had seen, HRP does not generate outperformance when applied to a small, c…