Doc Pop’s News Drop: Do We Need Key Sign

Doc Pop’s News Drop: Do We Need Key Signed Updates? – Doc’s WordPress News Drop is a weekly report on the most pressing WordPress news. When the news drops, I will pick it up and deliver it right to you. Open source security expert, Scott Arciszewski, had a lot to say about WordPress’s auto-update feature. So he wrote it up on Medium and got a response, also on Medium, from WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. Doc Pop Doctor Popular is an artist and musician living in S…

Always Throw Errors In Order To Get A St

Always Throw Errors In Order To Get A Stack Trace In Promise Chains

Image Processing in Javascript – If you

Image Processing in Javascript – If you’re looking for a way to process or manipulate pictures in your web project, it might be worth having a look at some of the libraries introduced in this blog post. Most of them provide basic operations like adjusting brightness and contrast, greyscale and inverting and image while others mainly focus on easy understandable code or extendability.

A Box Alignment Cheatsheet – A cheatshee

A Box Alignment Cheatsheet – A cheatsheet comparing the Box Alignment properties in CSS Grid Layout and flexbox.

Angular Testing In Depth: HTTP Services

Angular Testing In Depth: HTTP Services – When we write a web application, most of the time it has a backend. The most straightforward way to communicate with the backend is with HTTP requests. These requests are crucial for the application, so we need to test them. More importantly, these tests need to be isolated from the outside world. In this article, I will show you how to test your requests properly and elegantly. This article is the second part of a series in whi…

JMeter Listeners, Part II: Listeners Tha

JMeter Listeners, Part II: Listeners That Aggregate Data Samples

Introduction to Reactive programming RxJ

Introduction to Reactive programming RxJs – jomendez – Reactive programming is a general concept that you can find in any language, it is often associated with event driven UI, asynchronous programming with observable, where you can subscribe to events. Reactive Extensions (abbreviated Rx*) provides libraries for a wide variety of programming languages, including JavaScript (RxJS).