Deploying Node Express Apps to OpenWhisk

Deploying Node Express Apps to OpenWhisk – I’m catching up with all the great new features that have been added to OpenWhisk over the last few months. My colleague Lionel Villard published two articles how to run Node Express web applications in a serverless environment. Very cool. Rather than repeating everything from Lionel’s articles, let me give you a quick summary how this works.

The Biggest Concerns With the Java Ecosy

The Biggest Concerns With the Java Ecosystem – To gather insights on the state of the Java ecosystem today, we spoke to nine executives who are familiar with it. We asked these experienced Java professionals, “What’s your biggest concern with the current state of the Java ecosystem?” Here’s what they told us: Oracle owns Java and I’m concerned with what they will try to do something going against banks – asking them to pay fees. They tried going after Google and didn’t …

New Eclipse IoT Charter and Steering Com

New Eclipse IoT Charter and Steering Committee – It is hard to believe the Eclipse IoT Working Group was launch over five years ago on November 1, 2011 — at the time, we called it Eclipse M2M. A lot has changed over these five years, including the name, and the IoT industry has matured to be one of the dominant trends in the technology industry. The good news is that the Eclipse IoT Working Group has been a huge success. We have a thriving open source community that inc…

Top 8 Rules for Effective Software Produ

Top 8 Rules for Effective Software Production – By Toptal – In this post we will be discussing about top 8 rules for effective software production by Toptal. So

The Balance between Visual and Technical

The Balance between Visual and Technical Debt in PHP – Laracasts recently published a very interesting non-Laravel video about something called visual debt. It’s only 3 minutes long, so please, take the time to watch it before reading further. Done? Okay, spoilers below. In the video, Jeff starts out with with a bit of verbose event-based code with some listeners, fire methods, an interface on which to base the various classes, and quite a few type and return hints all …

The Firewall of the Future Is Identity –

The Firewall of the Future Is Identity – Focus your protection on the most precious assets

Manage your cloud infrastructure as code

Manage your cloud infrastructure as code with – How to use to manage resources on multiple cloud platforms. Code once, deploy to many!