#Java #SQL: Prevent SQL Injection with S

#Java #SQL: Prevent SQL Injection with SQL Builders Like jOOQ http://ow.ly/uD8G507depg

Google Analytics Mapping Console in AEM

Google Analytics Mapping Console in AEM – Web analytics is an integral part of every application. It is a process to gather useful information to measure the behavior of the visitors on a website, levels of traffic, the most popular pages etc.  These analytics provides various insights about the visitor such as: The audience: No. of visits on your website; know if […] http://ow.ly/1l8U507det6

Video: Last Week on Channel 9: November

Video: Last Week on Channel 9: November 28th – December 4th, 2016 http://ow.ly/JhIq507ddXG

#Aspose: Support for setting custom Inve

#Aspose: Support for setting custom InvertIfNegative color availble in Aspose.Slides for Java 16.11.0 http://ow.ly/mzvh507dduZ

Securing Connected OT: It’s a Marathon,

Securing Connected OT: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint – Believing that a stack of technology products alone can bring you perfect security is akin to believing that a set of expensive equipment, such as the latest fad running shoes, an ultralight aerodynamic bike, and a sleek wetsuit will get you across the finish line of a long-course triathlon. It’s wishful thinking, at best; harmful, at worst. While equipment and technology can certainly help, true cyber success will … http://ow.ly/s04t507ddpw

How to Make Your Own Web Spreadsheet App

How to Make Your Own Web Spreadsheet App: Tools Review – In this article, we’ll take a look at three components that you can use to create online office applications, specifically apps that work with the Excel tables. If you are interested in a credible SpreadSheet component for your enterprise web app take a look at these tools. We’ll try to overview three different types of solutions that will work for you whatever your goals are. The List of Components SpreadSheet by… http://ow.ly/DUcJ507ddpx

How to Generate Property Key at Run-Time

How to Generate Property Key at Run-Time – We are very much aware how important of a role property files play in Mule ESB in making integrations and applications dynamic, and even in making it reusable. Generally, a value in the property file can be accessed by nesting the key within curly brackets, which is preceded by the $ symbol (like this: ${key}.). http://ow.ly/dFbk507ddpy