#Presentation: Developer on Detox – A st

#Presentation: Developer on Detox – A story of one problematic review. Learn how John Craftsman dealt with it. http://ow.ly/9TO2509NHKm

Issues Preventing Big Data Success – To

Issues Preventing Big Data Success – To gather insights on the state of Big Data today, we spoke with 22 executives from 20 companies who are working in big data themselves or providing big data solutions to clients. Here’s what they told us when we asked, “What are the most common issues you see preventing companies from realizing the benefits of big data?”  http://ow.ly/j5pq509NHho

DataWeave and the Reduce Operator: Part

DataWeave and the Reduce Operator: Part I – Reduce is a powerful operator that can be used on an array (DataWeave :array datatype). Reduce can be used to process an :array and operate on each of its elements. It performs an aggregation operation on the elements of the :array after performing a lambda operation (optional) on each of its element. http://ow.ly/x7UC509NHhn

What Is Custom Software Development? – I

What Is Custom Software Development? – In today’s competitive world, to develop a software or an application that exclusively meets specific needs for your business is a necessity for survival. Every business is unique. Therefore, its requirements are different. Many companies use off-the-shelf software that is built while considering the common needs of businesses. This off-the-shelf software helps you to some extent but can’t fulfill all your requirements. Here, your … http://ow.ly/poM4509NHhm

New Profiling and Monitoring in Couchbas

New Profiling and Monitoring in Couchbase Server 5.0 Preview http://ow.ly/joVz509NHhl

Hybrid and Federated Cloud Computing – P

Hybrid and Federated Cloud Computing – Plenty of enterprises today are in different stages of cloud adoption. New market trends and evolving business models are renovating the entire computing industry to focus more on a variety of cloud services from different providers that bring value to customers. Those enterprises are endeavoring to adopt the hybrid cloud ecosystem model, which encompasses administration of their traditional workloads as well as the workloads that … http://ow.ly/WQ0S509NHhk

#Presentation: Lessons Learned – How to

#Presentation: Lessons Learned – How to launch a product using Scala. Feb 25, 2017 at Scala Matsuri 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. http://ow.ly/qy9y509NFt9