Angular2: Auto Populate data for compone

Angular2: Auto Populate data for component on startup using Resolve feature of Angular 2 Routing

A Tester’s Consistency Checklist – We’v

A Tester’s Consistency Checklist – We’ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

#SQL: SQL Server Interpreter for Apache

#SQL: SQL Server Interpreter for Apache Zeppelin 0.6.2 – I’ve updated the code-base to Apache Zeppelin 0.6.2 and I’ve also finished a first simple-but-working support to autocomplete (you can activate it using CRTL + .). Right now the autocomplete is based on the keywords specified here: Reserved Keywords (Transact-SQL) is not much, I know, but is something, at least. Next steps will be to read schemas, tables and columns from SQL Server catalogs table. And maybe extrac…

#MySQL: MySQL Support Engineer’s Chroni

#MySQL: MySQL Support Engineer’s Chronicles, Issue #4 – This week I had to deal with some unusual problems. But let me start with Percona’s xtrabackup, software that I consider a key component of many current production MySQL setups and use regularly. Recently new minor versions of XtraBackup were released, check the details on 2.4.5, for example. It made a step towards support of MariaDB 10.2, but it’s still a long way to go, see this pull request #200. My main problem…

How Hybrid Data Pipeline Transforms How

How Hybrid Data Pipeline Transforms How Clouds Access Data – In our recent webinar, “New Data Pipeline Transforms How Clouds Access Data,” we explored a new fron

#Java: Android Custom Toast example – An

#Java: Android Custom Toast example – Android Toast is used to display message for short span of time. Message appears on the screen for s

#Presentation: Intro to Databases (Rails

#Presentation: Intro to Databases (Rails Girls PHL) – A quick intro to databases for Rails Girls PHL.