iOS PodCast Episode #92

Episode #92 – October 29th, 2015
// iOS Bytes

This week, we cover limitations of tvOS, TVML, weighing plums using 3D Touch, learning Swift Generics, and PhoneNumberKit.
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Code School Joins Pluralsight
Sponsored by Code School Joins Pluralsight
Code School has become a part of the Pluralsight family. Pluralsight has an amazing collection of over 4,000 courses, including some great iOS courses that Code School does not, like Unit Testing with XCTest, SpriteKit Fundamentals, and a primer on Swift.
Is tvOS The Future of Apps?
Is tvOS The Future of Apps?
Adam Fish wrote about some developer limitations of tvOS and the new Apple TV.
TVML Exploration
TVML Exploration
Jens Ayton wrote an in-depth article about TVML, which can be used to build Apple TV apps instead of fully native tvOS code.
The Plum-o-Meter: Weighing Plums Using 3D Touch
The Plum-o-Meter: Weighing Plums Using 3D Touch
Simon Gladman wrote about the results of his research using 3D Touch to weigh fruit. Yes, you read that right.
Ayaka Nonaka wrote about Swift Generics and how they can be used to write simpler, safer code.
Roy Marmelstein open-sourced a framework for working with international phone numbers called PhoneNumberKit.
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