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Getting Started with Search APIs and SFSafariViewController in iOS 9

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With iOS 9’s public launch earlier this week, it’s never been a better time to understand how to take advantage of the new and exciting APIs!

When Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi announced Search APIs at WWDC 2015 in June, many extolled them as the most powerful feature in iOS 9.

Search APIs offer an exciting new way to interact with users. With iOS 9, Apple has optimized Spotlight with incredible new features that indexes more content than ever. For instance users can fire up spotlight to search web content or data deep within apps. Using popular keywords they can easily access apps (even if they’re not certain the name of the app)! Search APIs help you do this.

App Transport Security

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Once you build with iOS 9 any connections you create using NSURLConnection or NSURLSession use App Transport Security which, by default, will reject insecure connections. Since there are many useful web services that are not secure it is possible to disable or override this default behaviour for specific domains. In this post I look at debugging and creating an exception for the Twitter Search API.

Converting JSON to Models

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This guide describes the process of converting JSON data retrieved from a network request and converting that data to simple Model objects. This approach will be compatible with nearly any basic data-driven application and fits well with any ORM solution for persistence such as ActiveAndroid or SugarORM that may be introduced.

For this guide, we will be using the Yelp API as the example. The goal of this guide is to perform a Yelp API Search and then process the results into Java objects which we can then use to populate information within our application.

The model in this case is Business and for our application, let’s suppose we just need the name, phone, and image of the business which are all provided by the Search API.

Create Search API like itunes Search API using PHP and MySQL

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The Apple itunes provided a search API for retrieve app information from it. The Apple search API display result as JSON format. Do you want to know more information about Apple itunes search API, then visit iTunes Search API.

You can also create search API like Apple itunes search API if you know how to create JSON file using PHP. Due to this, you can provide search API for your websites. If you didn’t know create JSON file using PHP and MySQL, then visit How to get output as JSON format using PHP and Mysql.


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Twitter is popular for many reasons, but one standout feature is its fantastic implementation of programmatic content: The Twitter API is easy to use, lightweight, and powerful, and the nature of the network perfectly lends itself to the kind of content generated by robots – short, tagged bursts of text, with or without image accompaniment.

Twitter’s Search API has similar virtues: In addition to being user friendly, the content it allows you to tap into represents every old school research sociologist’s dream – the often tossed-off, often unfiltered daily (or hourly) updates of millions of technophiles the world over.

This tutorial guides you through the search and messaging APIs by teaching you to build a helpful bot capable of responding to your every request with the perfect social recommendation, relying on nothing more than Node.js and the collective hipness of the twitterati. For this particular instance, we’ll be building @SouthBotFunWest to respond to questions about the popular music, film, and interactive festival with a related party recommendation, but the techniques we’re using here could be applied just about everywhere you use Twitter to post a tweet or search a query.