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Creating a Word document OutputFormatter

Creating a Word document OutputFormatter in ASP.NET Core – In one of the ASP.NET Core projects we did in the last year, we created an OutputFormatter to provid

Creating a new performance counter on Wi

Creating a new performance counter on Windows with C# .NET – In this post we saw how to list all performance counter categories and the performance counters within each category available on Windows. The last time I checked there were a little more than 27500 counters and 148 categories available on my local PC. That’s quite a lot and will probably cover most diagnostic needs where performance counters are involved in a bottleneck investigation. However, at times you mi…

5 Principles for Designing Delightful Di

5 Principles for Designing Delightful Digital Experiences for Seniors

jQuery AJAX with Entity Framework in ASP

jQuery AJAX with Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC – Tutorial on using Entity Framework with jQuery AJAX in ASP.NET MVC

Easy WPF Copy/Paste Excel

Easy WPF Copy/Paste Excel

Handling Indexes in MongoDB With Python

Handling Indexes in MongoDB With Python – MongoEngine is an Object Document Mapper (ODM) for working with MongoDB from Python. The ODM layer maps an object model to a  document database in a way similar to an ORM  mapping an object model to a relational database. ODMs like MongoEngine offer relational database-like features e.g. schema enforcement, foreign key, field-level constraint etc at the application level. Many good resources are available to learn the use of Mon…

Microservices: Zero Downtime Deployment

Microservices: Zero Downtime Deployment and Hot Reconfiguration