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Designing for Highly Specialized Usage E

Designing for Highly Specialized Usage Environments – Creating a user interface requires designers to make well-informed assumptions about the user and their environment. At Big Nerd Ranch, our design team backs up those assumptions by conducting research about the user’s environment, building the foundation on which user experience and user interface rest. It’s important to take into account the user’s environment so that we can deliver a quality experience in every ty…

#Podcast: Go Time 44: Go4, Gardening, an

#Podcast: Go Time 44: Go4, Gardening, and Go Contribution with Brad Fitzpatrick

Percona Live 2017: Lessons Learned While

Percona Live 2017: Lessons Learned While Automating MySQL Deployments in the AWS Cloud

The SQL Standard is SQL:2016 – Now the w

The SQL Standard is SQL:2016 – Now the words “SQL Standard” mean ISO/IEC 9075 Information technology — Database languages — SQL … 2016″ or more briefly SQL:2016. I am no longer a member of the committee, I don’t have the latest copy, but I believe these are the notable changes. The LIST_AGG function The example I’ve seen (credit to Markus Winand) is SELECT grp, LIST_AGG(val, ‘,’) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY val) FROM t ORDER BY grp; and the result is supposed to be: take…

Seed Fundraising — VCs vs. Seed Funds vs

Seed Fundraising — VCs vs. Seed Funds vs. Angels – When you’re raising a seed round you’ll want to optimize your process by focusing on the right investors at the right time. Here’s the key differences between the three groups you’ll encounter: Large VCs, Seed Funds and Angel Investors. Check Sizes The size of investment you can expect from each investor in your seed round. Angel Investors — $10k — $250k. Angel investors usually can’t follow on in later rounds. Plus, if…

Enhanced Import of Graphics in the Visio

Enhanced Import of Graphics in the Visio Drawing using Aspose.Diagram for Java 17.4.0

G2 Crowd Publishes Winter 2017 Web Hosti

G2 Crowd Publishes Winter 2017 Web Hosting Results – The web hosting space is expanding. As such, it can be particularly challenging to sort through dozens of different options to determine which one is right for your business needs. G2 Crowd released its Winter 2017 web hosting results, providing a side-by-side comparison of 13 popular website hosting companies — all of which offer a WordPress hosting option. Results can make it easier to choose your next host. Each ho…