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DevSecOps: Integrating Automated Control

DevSecOps: Integrating Automated Controls – Automating security controls into any workflow has traditionally been seen as a challenging task for many organizations. Security continues to be an afterthought in many development pipelines and is still thought of as a hindrance or a blocker to producing software at a rapid pace. With DevOps-native workflows, we have an unprecedented opportunity to apply security guidance sooner in our application lifecycles and closer to th…

C# 7.0: Out Variables – C# 7.0 brings so

C# 7.0: Out Variables – C# 7.0 brings some features to out variables. These new features help us write cleaner code and handle out variables better. This blog post provides samples of these new features in C# 7.0 and as a surprise, it also demonstrates what the compiler is doing with these new features. Inline out Variables Let’s start with a piece of code that demonstrates how TryParse() and some TrySomethingElse() methods work.

A View State Machine for Network Calls o

A View State Machine for Network Calls on Android – As Ben Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes [and that software design specs always change].” The reality of ever-changing design specs can, at times, be frustrating and miserable, but rather than focus on the negatives I like to think that it can also be a fun challenge in how we approach development. So today I am going to share one improvement I made on how I h…

DevSecOps: A More Deterministic Approach

DevSecOps: A More Deterministic Approach – Is Security an Inhibitor to DevOps Agility? To answer this question we would need to take a quick look at differences between DevOps, QA, and Security when it comes to automation issues. For those of us who have been involved on the frontlines of traditional AppSec activities such as penetration testing, and dynamic or static code analysis, it may be obvious that the traditional tools and techniques we use were built more for w…

Orchestration Engine Treats Cloud As Cod

Orchestration Engine Treats Cloud As Code – It was great speaking with Rathinasabapathy (a.k.a., Saba), co-founder and CTO of CloudEnablers about their CoreStack product. CloudEnablers is a cloud adoption and governance solution provider that focuses on automation and orchestration addressing one of the primary concerns companies have when moving to the cloud — lack of knowledgeable and trained cloud professionals.

Logic of CREATE_OW function module in On

Logic of CREATE_OW function module in One Order – In the previous series of blogs the read and update on Opportunity header fields are discussed. In this blog another scenario will be explained: create scenario on Opportunity header fields. I will again use Closing Date ( and description field ) for example. Execute the following report: REPORT ZORDER_CREATE.

DATA: lt_input_fields TYPE crmt_input_field_tab,
ls_input_field LIKE LINE OF lt_input_fields,

Ext JS MVVM Tricks: Part 1. Self binding

Ext JS MVVM Tricks: Part 1. Self binding – In this article you will learn how to create a component with configuration properties and bind to them using MVVM