#Presentation: [SPARCS TeaParty] Go 언어와

#Presentation: [SPARCS TeaParty] Go 언어와 ptrace로 만드는 seccomp 샌드박스 http://ow.ly/X3Tm509Pwed

SQL SERVER – Maintenance Plan failing wi

SQL SERVER – Maintenance Plan failing with 0x80131904 – A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. http://ow.ly/HIyT509PvpH

Miscellaneous – Like many coders, I also

Miscellaneous – Like many coders, I also do it for fun. Sometimes for the fun of learning a new technology or solvin http://ow.ly/9F2Y509Pus3

#Podcast: Episode #46: USD, Microsoft Fl

#Podcast: Episode #46: USD, Microsoft Flow, and CRMUG Focus – In this episode, sponsored by AlexaCRM and KingswaySoft, Tony Stein joins us to discuss the exciting plans for the CRMUG Focus conference in May. Other topics discussed in this episode: New release of USD Keyboard shortcuts What is Safe Dispatcher Joel’s Flows Using Flow to prank your friends or enemies Should you use Flow or CRM workflow Getting current user with Dynamics steps Test your internet speed fakeu… http://ow.ly/t8RQ509Pn44

Cloudbleed – Cloudflare Proxies Memory L

Cloudbleed – Cloudflare Proxies Memory Leak – A buffer overflow bug has caused a small number of requests to Cloudflare proxies to leak data from unrelated requests, including potentially sensitive data such as passwords and other secrets. The issue, which has been named ‘Cloudbleed’, was discovered by Google Project Zero vulnerability researcher Tavis Ormandy. By Chris Swan http://ow.ly/zLYj509PjIc

#Video: PHP Front To Back [Part 3] – Var

#Video: PHP Front To Back [Part 3] – Variables, Constants & Data Types http://ow.ly/t4xV509Pi4H

SAP Vora CodeJam in Stuttgart, 21st Apri

SAP Vora CodeJam in Stuttgart, 21st April 2017 – No matter if you are already a HANA or Hadoop expert or if you are completely new to SAP Vora: Are you interested in hands-on experience of SAP Vora? Do you want to meet one of the product managers of SAP Vora and ask him all the questions you have in mind? Or do you just want to meet other geeks from the Stuttgart area? If you answered one of the questions above with yes, you should go and register to our next SAP CodeJa… http://ow.ly/qq3z509PhOF