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Video: Introduction & Deploying to C++ and DirectX Game Development Jump Start

Introduction & Deploying to C++ and DirectX Game Development Jump Start

Have you always wanted to get started in game development? Here’s your chance to learn how to create games from the ground up, using C++ and DirectX. Learn about the game loop, input detection, applying basic shaders, state management, and more. With these skills, you’ll be building the engine, not just the game—and you’ll up-level your employability options with AAA companies at the same time.

1. Introduction and Getting Started
First, we set up the tools required in the game development process, and we take a look at the Visual Studio 2013 template that we will use as a starting point.

2. What DirectX Can Do and Creating the Main Game Loop
This module covers how to implement the main game loop that drives the system forward.

3. Creating, Texturing, and Moving Objects
In this module, we explore how to manipulate objects within the game and how to create more instances of them (without all of the overhead of the first instance).

4. State Management
With a basic game loop in place, this module investigates how to set up and manage a larger state system that most games require.

5. Capturing User Input
Here, we explore the basics in user input capturing. We then investigate how to apply that input to the various game states and objects throughout a game.

6. Physics and Collision Detection
In this module, we cover basic physics and the collision detection methods required to create the gameplay.

7. Adding AI and Other Extras to the Game
With the majority of game elements and systems in place, this module takes a look at how we can apply textures and different shaders to dress up the game objects and menus.