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EJB: Container Managed Transactions.

Transactions are very important particularly in a multi threaded environment. We already know of the famous ATM (Simplified) example where a withdrawal happens in two simple steps. First is is where the server updates the new balanace into the database and second where the money is provided to the requestor. Now with the existence of […]


Video: NoSQL Explained

In this session Chris introduces NoSQL and contrasts it with SQL technology, giving insights into both technologies to help you select the correct tool for the job at hand. Topics covered are:

• NoSQL compared with SQL – Pros and Cons
• Brewers CAP theorem and how it affects your choice of DB
• SQL Architectural patterns
• NoSQL Architectural patterns
• Hands-on with Mongo DB:
• an introduction in to Mongo DB,
• setting up the environment,
• writing Mongo queries
• writing a Mongo DB application in .NET