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How to build a REST api with Spray and Akka

Spray is a library written on top of Akka and Scala that allows to quickly create REST interfaces. It is becoming more and more popular in the Scala community because it is easy to use and performant thanks to this asynchronous, actor-based model. This article describes how to efficiently exploit Spray to create a simple […]


Event Sourcing using LevelDB and NodeJS

via Event Sourcing using LevelDB and Node.js | Luke Merrett.

We’ve been researching how to peform resilient queue processing at high loads lately with a focus on Akka, the Storm Model and Apache Spark / Storm.  One thing that came up was the use ofLevelDB; a lightweight key / value store supporting asynchronous atomic batch operations.

What interests me is the createReadStream method provided by the LevelUp package for Node.js.  This allows you to iterate over the whole database so may be a suitable candidate for rapid event sourcing.

Acting In C++

Because they’re a perfect fit for mega-core processors and they’re safer and more enjoyable to program than raw, multi-threaded, systems, I’ve been a fan of Actor-based concurrent systems ever since I experimented with Erlang and Akka (via its Java API). Thus, as a C++ programmer, I was excited to discover the “C++ Actor Framework” (CAF). […]


Two actors – discovering Akka

via Two actors – discovering Akka | NoBlogDefFound.

Hope you are having fun so far, but our application has serious performance defect. After measuring response times of the RandomOrgRandom class we developed in the previous part we will notice something really disturbing (the chart represents response times of subsequent invocations in milliseconds):

Maven Web Project Kickstarter Codebase with Spring, Hibernate, Akka, Twitter Bootstrap, Apache Tiles and jQuery

via OrangeApple – Spring, Hibernate, Spring Data, Akka, Twitter….

Get started with Java Web App Development as quickly as possible. I am sharing this code with Apache License 2.0. Here is the URL for the same:


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ReactiveMongo with Akka, Scala and websockets

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I was looking for a simple websocket server for one of my projects to test some stuff with reactive mongo. When looking around, though, I couldn’t really find a simple basic implementation without including a complete framework. Finally I stumbled upon one of Typesage activtor projects:http://typesafe.com/activator/template/akka-spray-websocket. Even though the name implies that spray is required, it actually uses websocket stuff from here: https://github.com/TooTallNate/Java-WebSocket, which provides a very simple to use basic websocket implementation.