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Rapid Application Development with AllcountJS

via Quick Application Prototyping in Node.js | Toptal.

The idea of Rapid Application Development (RAD) was born as a response to traditional waterfall development models. Many variations of RAD exist; for example, Agile development and the Rational Unified Process. However, all such models have one thing in common: they aim to yield maximum business value with minimal development time through prototyping and iterative development. To accomplish this, the Rapid Application Development model relies on tools that ease the process. In this article, we shall explore one such tool, and how it can be used to focus on business value and optimization of the development process.

AllcountJS is an emerging open source framework built with rapid application development in mind. It is based on the idea of declarative application development using JSON-like configuration code that describes the structure and behavior of the application. The framework has been built on top of Node.js, Express, MongoDB and relies heavily on AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap. Although it is reliant on declarative patterns, the framework still allows further customization through direct access to API where needed.