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Linear and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis for ML / statistics newbies

(Note: This post assumes that the reader has knowledge of basic statistics and terms used in machine learning. Inspite of that, I have provided links whereever necessary 🙂 ). Linear Discriminant Analysis(LDA) and Quadratic Discriminant Analysis(QDA) are types of Bayesian classifiers. A Bayesian classifier, in mathematical terms, does the following- What does this mean? To […]


Routes Python for Data Analysis Wrangling with Pandas NumPy

Python, a high level language developed by Guido van Rossum, is known for its easy readability. The core philosophies of the language are simple – simplicity over complexity; beauty over ugliness, explicit over implicit and other similar aphorisms. The most important philosophy of the language is “Readability Counts”, which means that the syntaxes and codes […]