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Exploiting the Xamarin.Android DLL hijack vulnerability

via Securify – blog – Exploiting the Xamarin.Android DLL hijack vulnerability.

Last week a security advisory was posted to the Full-Disclosure mailing list concerning a vulnerability in Xamarin.Android. Xamarin.Android allows the creation of Android apps in C#. This vulnerability allows any Android app with write access to external storage to create a malicious DLL file that will be executed by an affected app. This issue is addressed in Xamarin 5.1; vulnerable apps need to be recompiled with Xamarin version 5.1 or newer in order to resolve this vulnerability.

This article explains how this issue can be exploited in order to execute arbitrary code. A vulnerable Android app needs to be found in order to test this issue. This is left as a reader’s exercise.

Make a basic single touch drawing app for Android

via Make a basic single touch drawing app for Android – Creative Punch.

Some times, android applications will consist of more than some buttons and some text. Or maybe you are looking into Android game development. Maybe you want to make a sketching application? You’ll have to know the basics about using the onTouch event. So let’s make a basic single touch drawing app on Android!

Android Anko

via The Android Arsenal – Toolkits For Other PL – Anko.

Anko is a library which makes Android application development faster and easier. It makes your code clean and easy to read, and lets you forget about rough edges of Android SDK for Java.