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Easier Android Development with RoboGuice

via Easier Android Development with RoboGuice – Hongkiat.

RoboGuice is a must-have framework that brings the simplicity and ease of dependency injection to Android. Guice is a lightweight dependency injection framework for the Java platform. Dependency injection is a design pattern with the core principal of separating behavior from dependency resolution.

It allows for the removal of “hard-coded” dependencies and makes it possible to change them at compile or run time. This makes your code easier to write, change, unit text and reuse in other contexts. Your code becomes less of a boilerplate code and more of business logic.

Getting Started with Android Development

via Getting Started with Android Development – Ray Wenderlich.

Note from Ray: Although this site has been focused on iOS development so far, I thought you guys might enjoy learning a bit about Android development as well. So iOS tutorial team member Ali Hafizji has put together this great tutorial on Android development for beginners!

I had never programmed for Android before, but bought myself a device and used this tutorial as my first introduction to the platform. Now that I have a simple app running on my device I’m excited and eager to learn more, and I hope you guys will feel the same way! :]

This is a blog post by iOS Tutorial Team member Ali Hafizji, an iOS and Android developer living in India.

Since I’ve been following this blog, I’ve never read a post related to Android application / game development. So I thought writing something in that area would be helpful to any beginner :]

Android is an amazing and fun platform to work on. Anyone can come up with their own unique idea, create a good product and make it available to thousands and thousands of customers.

In this tutorial, we will create a “Hello World” Android app, get it working on the emulator or a device if you have one, and create a simple master/detail app that shows a list of quotes by our favorite hero, Steve Jobs. I’ll even show you how to build the app for distribution on the Google Market!

And yes, it is a little ironic to make a Steve Jobs quote app on an Android device, but hey this is mainly an iOS blog after all ;]

So keep reading to dive into the wild world of Android!

Video: What’s New in Android Development Tools

This session provides an in depth tour of the Android development tools and take a closer look at everything new – along with tips and tricks for getting the most out of them!