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Android Security: The Forgetful Keystore

via Android Security: The Forgetful Keystore – SystemDotRun – Dorian Cussen’s Super Blog.

You’ve just moved in to a new house and have been given the master key for the front door. You only have one of these so you know you need to keep it safe. Your really paranoid so you hire an armed guard, whose sole job is to protect this key, in fact, this is all he has been trained to do and has a catchy slogan of “need to protect a key, its what I was born to do!”. You install an extra lock on your front door as you feel the bodyguard isnt enough, this is a rough area anyway and who’s going to make sure no-ones about to break in and steal all your crap. You return to your key guard only to be informed he has thrown the key away. You shout and scream at him but he just blankly says “I dont have it anymore, I didnt think it was important”. You can’t contain your anger “What the hell, your a jerk! You had one thing to do and you failed, this causes me a lot of problems, why didnt you tell me you might do this?! What do I do now?!”

Ok, stories arnt my strong point. The point is, this is how I feel when using the Android Keystore to protect my private encryption key, it drives me a bit nuts. I really appreciate the effort thats gone into it but its still frustrating when your on a deadline, documentation is lacking, and something isn’t working as it should

I have been working on some apps with a high security requirement, and one of the requirements is to take advantage of the best level of security offered by the platform. For our case this includes utilising the system Keystore to store an asymmetric key pair. One can then use this for encryption/decryption directly or use it to encrypt an symettric key (like AES) which can then be used to encrypt your plaintext, which is much faster than using the asymmetric directly.

Lots of people seem to use encryption in the wild but they hard code the key or store is as plaintext or obfuscated. None of which are recommended.