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Mobile Apps Monitoring With IBM Bluemix

Mobile Apps Monitoring With IBM Bluemix
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One of the great capabilities of Bluemix is that developers can see information about how their mobile apps are used in a server side dashboard. This includes usage statistics, network traffic and devices types as well as client side logs. Being able to see logs from all mobile devices is very useful since physical access to devices is obviously hard and sometimes not possible.

In order to use this functionality Bluemix provides the Mobile Client Access service and SDKs for iOS, Android and hybrid apps.

Video: What’s New in Android

In this webinar, Xamarin Developer Evangelist James Montemagno provides a complete overview of the exciting new features and changes in Android Marshmallow. He also discusses the latest enhancements in Google Play Services and the Android Support Libraries. This webinar includes technical demos and a Q&A at the end.

Using Meteor to develop for Android Wear

Using Meteor to develop for Android Wear
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This article demonstrates how the Meteor Javascript app platform can be used in conjunction with Crosswalk to create a simple app for an Android Smartwatch

Android Quick Tips #5 — Screen Capturing

Android Quick Tips #5 — Screen Capturing
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After posts focused on development work (Gradle and Debugging), this week we’ll look at a topic more related to marketing: screen capturing. For promo or instructional videos, it’s often necessary to record what’s happening on the screen. In this blog post, we’ll show you three options.

Android Wear Demo App – TodayMenu

Android Wear Demo App – TodayMenu
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It’s all about Android Wear Demo App “TodayMenu” implementation

Android Wear Watch Face Development

Android Wear Watch Face Development
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It’s all about Android Wear Watch Face development. You will be learning how to develop a custom watch face service.

Introduction To Android Wear

Introduction To Android Wear
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In this article we will learn about the basics of Android wear. I hope the wearable technology brings a great change to the world in using technology in our day to day life to perform various things.