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MEAN.js: 20 – Pass Customer Details to an Angular UI Modal

In this video we’ll continue setting up our Update Customer Modal instance using Angular UI, so that we can select a customer record and pop open the Modal. We’ll also do a quick test to see if we can send the details of a selected customer and display the details on the Update Customer Modal.

This video is further explained over on the bossable.com site:

We look at:
– A recap of adding Angular UI model code back in our app to create an Update Customer Modal
– Setting up our Modal Instance and Controller
– How we pass a selected customer’s details through to our Modal
– How we choose the template that we want to use (to display the html layout) within our Modal
– Selecting pieces of Angular UI example code to set up our Modal controller instance
– Testing to see if our Modal works by hooking it into an ng-click directive
– Passing through the details of a selected customer to the Update Modal

Thanks for viewing. I really appreciate any feedback you have.