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How to add weapons – basics + equipping

Now if we have our inventory we can start adding new weapons! Player can choose which weapon he want to play, (for now it will be placeholder UMG we did in inventory tutorial) Player can change weapon during gameplay with animation, (by keyboard now) Weapons will attach correctly, Hands will update idle animation to correctly hold the […]


Android Game Development using Android Animation and Graphics – Part 3

First, let’s do some Game Design! I mentioned in Part 1 that we are going to develop an Infinite Runner. What’s an Infinite Runner? Check out these awesome games, Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride, BADLAND etc. all of these are some form of Infinite Runner.


Android Game Development using Android Animation and Graphics – Part 1

I was trying to learn Android Animation and Graphics. What better way to learn animation than creating a game :)? So, I developed a small Infinite Runner using Android’s Animation APIs only (No new Threads involved! 😉 ). This project involves usage of Android’s Activity, Intent, SurfaceView, Layouts, AnimationDrawable and ObjectAnimator. Yes, that’s a lot of […]


Android Game Development using Android Animation and Graphics – Part 2

In Part 1 we created GameLauncherActivity and AnimRunnerActivity, but we didn’t add any functionality in AnimRunnerActivity. In Part 2 we will do just that! In this part we will create GameView class that will extend SurfaceView class of Android. This class will hold all of our game elements. So, to summarize we will Create GameView class […]


Canvas Animation using interpolation

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While drawing things on the canvas and scooting around them is nice, it gets old very fast. Instantaneously, if you’re an end user (unless you’re on a page for looking at things, in which case, no foul). On the other hand, there are far more efficient ways of rendering porn and/or amusing pictures of cats, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that we want to liven things up with some animation.