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via Be Cool with CIFilter Animations 🔥 — KrakenDev.

SO. This week I was tasked to look into a very difficult animation. This was the kind of animation that I dread even though I LOVE doing animations.

This animation was the kind that made me raise my eyebrow. The kind that made you wish you knew OpenGL. The kind that made you regret not looking into OpenGL when you had the chance a couple of years ago. The kind that made you kick yourself for being too lazy to learn it when you had the time.

That’s right. I had to somehow make an image ripple. Or a wave. Whatever. As long as it looked cool.

Of course, as is expected, no one knew OpenGL on my team. And worse still, I told people I could do it if given enough time. Way to dig yourself a hole, Hector.

So sure enough, I did what programmers do best. I did some stretches and prepared for some major Google-Fu.

Frog Animations with Phaser

via Amphibian Abstracts: Frog Animations with Phaser.

I’m still putting the finishing touches on my 404-page Frog Soccer game. One of the things that I’ve been putting off is doing the animations for the frogs themselves. I didn’t think the code changes would be that difficult, but drawing the frogs in all those positions could be very time consuming. I didn’t already have images for the frog jumping toward the viewer and away from the viewer, but now I do. Three hours later…