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Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova and the remote mac agent

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At the Connect(); event, we showed yet more of what we’re doing to enable developers to use Apache Cordova. Cordova is a framework you can use to build hybrid mobile apps that work across modern mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can create applications that take advantage of native device capabilities through APIs provided by Cordova.

Building iOS apps is a bit different from building for Android and Windows: you need to have a Mac running OS X. We knew we needed a more seamless way to allow developers to build for iOS right from within Visual Studio on Windows. To address this problem, we designed a remote agent that runs on a Mac (vs-mda-remote) to act as an iOS build service for Visual Studio. The vs-mda-remote agent we’ve released makes it possible to kick off a build from VS onto a Mac. It’s a straightforward piece of software that runs as an iOS build service and also enables remote debugging of your iOS Cordova applications.

Build and Run using Cordova CLI

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In order to build such a cross platform multi device application, Visual Studio uses a Cordova utility known as the Cordova command-line interface (CLI). The CLI allows Visual Studio to build projects for many platforms at once, abstracting away much of the functionality of lower-level shell scripts. The CLI copies a common set of web assets into sub-directories for each mobile platform, makes any necessary configuration changes for each, and runs build scripts to generate application binaries. The CLI also provides a common interface to apply plugins to your applications. Let us see how Visual Studio uses the Cordova CLI while building such application.