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Fabric8 Kubernetes and Openshift Java DSL

via Ioannis Canellos Blog: Fabric8 Kubernetes and Openshift Java DSL.

The first releases of the Fabric8 v2 have been using a JAX-RS based Kubernetes client that was using Apache CXF. The client was great, but we always wanted to provide something thinner, with less dependencies (so that its easier to adopt). We also wanted to give it a fecelift and build a DSL around it so that it becomes easier to use and read.

The new client currently lives at: https://github.com/fabric8io/kubernetes-client and it provides the following modules:

  1. Kubernetes client.
  2. An Openshift client.
  3. Mocking framework for all the above (based on EasyMock)

Apache CXF 3.0: CDI 1.1 support as alternative to Spring

Apache CXF 3.0: CDI 1.1 support as alternative to Spring

With Apache CXF 3.0 just being released a couple of weeks ago, the project makes yet another important step to fulfill the JAX-RS 2.0 specification requirements: integration with CDI 1.1. In this blog post we are going to look on a couple of examples of how Apache CXF 3.0 and Apache CXF 3.0 work together.

Starting from version 3.0, Apache CXF includes a new module, named cxf-integration-cdi which could be added easily to your Apache Maven POM file: