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How Apache Kafka is transforming Hadoop, Spark,Storm

Video: Apache Kafka with Spark Streaming_ Real Time Analytics Redefined

Video: Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

In this episode, Robert is joined by Ryan Salva, who shows us what’s new in the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. These enable developers to use their HTML, CSS and JavaScript (or TypeScript) skills to write and debug Windows, iOS and Android apps. Ryan focuses on the most recent additions to the tools, including changes to the project system and support for the latest in modern Web technologies.

Tomcat 8 on Java 8 Behind Apache on CentOS

via Tomcat 8 on Java 8 Behind Apache on CentOS.

Tomcat 8 on Java 8 Behind Apache on CentOS – I was recently asked by an associate of mine to deploy a Spring application to a CentOS server running cPanel/WHM and Apache. As this build requirement is not entirely obvious I thought I’d share the experience as a simple how-to guide. Note, this is simply a how-to… not a best-practices guide so if you require

Video: Retrieve data from Oracle database using ajax and angularjs

AngularJS is a single page application framework which make programming fast and effective. This program uses $http get in angularjs to retrieve data from an external json file created by jsp page using apache tomcat 7.0 web server and oracle 12c database server. It also includes searching technique which filters data within your search criteria.

Learn Apache Camel – Indexing Tweets in Real-time

via Learn Apache Camel – Indexing Tweets in Real-time | Building scalable enterprise applications.

There’s a point in most software development projects when the application needs to start communicating with other applications or 3rd party components.

Whether it’s sending an email notification, calling an external api, writing to a file or migrating data from one place to another, you either roll out your own solution or leverage an existing framework.

As for existing frameworks in the Java ecosystem, on one end of the spectrum we find Tibco BusinessWorks and Mule ESB, and on the other end there’s Spring Integration and Apache Camel.

In this tutorial I’m going to introduce you to Apache Camel through a sample application that reads tweets from Twitter’s sample feed and indexes those tweets in real time using Elastic Search.


via The new log4j 2.0.

Before a while a new major version of the well known log4j logging framework was released. Since the first alpha version appeared 4 more releases happened! You see, there is much more activity than with the predecessor log4j 1. And seriously, despite log4j 2s young age it is ways better. This blog will give an overview on a few of the great features of Apache log4j 2.0.