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Apigee Academy: Edge Developer Training

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Hands-on and delivered by Apigee experts, Developer Training is the core training that prepares you to design, build, and deploy an API solution using API Services on Apigee Edge. Developer Training is recommended for all developers working with Apigee Edge, regardless of experience.

Available Resource: .Net Lead (Valid H1B)

Download resume of .Net Lead

Rashmi Jayakumar is .Net Lead has 8 years of IT Industry experience and 8 years of relevant experience. Her current location is Bangalore, India and She is willing to relocate anywhere in USA. Her area of expertise are WCF, Web API’s, Web services, APIGEE, REST/SOAP API’s. She has Valid H1B visa till 2017. She is available with in 4 week. If interested please E-mail her at rashmigjayakumar@gmail.com

Apigee 127 Command Line Interface

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This is the installation guide and command reference for a127, the command-line interface for Apigee 127.

  • Prerequisites
  • Installation
  • Commands

Swagger 2.0 Extension for Code Generation Settings

via APIMATIC Blog – Swagger 2.0 Extension for Code Generation Settings.

Swagger 2.0 spec was created with the foresight of allowing 3rd-party vendors to implement tool specific extensions. These extensions allow customizing behaviors beyond simple API descriptions. Traditionally, such behaviors used to stay locked inside custom settings, restricting interoperability of tools and services. Using these extensions, we can not only offer extended compatibility between tools and services, but this also opens up a pathway to improve and add missing features that eventually becomede-facto standard for API descriptions. For example, extensions that allow customization of API analytics data collections e.g., how to treat rate limit exceeded, may eventually become part of official Swagger spec if the developer community decide in its favor. One widely known example of Swagger vendor extension is the Apigee a-127 extension, which allows you to generate APIs in Node.js. API Evangelist has already written a post about this concept some while ago (read it here).

Swagger Test Templates: Test Your APIs

via Swagger Test Templates: Test Your APIs | Apigee Blog.

The power of Swagger to accelerate API development is obvious once you read the article “A Design-First Approach to Building APIs with Swagger.” While there are a variety of tools built around Swagger for the development of APIs, testing an API can be just as important. Writing tests for a large set of endpoints takes a lot of time and thought, which is why we built Swagger Test Templates, in conjunction with Swagger Node.

The Swagger Test Templates module, through either the command line interface or programmatically, generates a robust, end-to-end testing suite for all of a developer’s API endpoints defined in their Swagger specification. This saves hours of test writing and enables the developer to quickly deploy tested, functional code.

Java Callout Sample

via api-platform-samples/doc-samples/java-cookbook at master · apigee/api-platform-samples · GitHub.

This sample provides a simple implementation of a proxy that uses the JavaCallout policy and that implements Apigee’s JavaCallout Java API.

For a complete description of this proxy sample, see the API Proxy Cookbook topic at:


Javadoc for the Apigee JavaCallout API Java classes are included in this sample download in:


Additional code samples are provided for reference in the ‘/java/src/com/apigee’ directory. These additional samples demonstrate various blocking and non-blocking patterns you can use with JavaCallout. They are commented.

This sample proxy uses the Yahoo Weather API for a target endpoint, and maps WEOID IDs to city names on behalf of the user.

Video: Apigee Edge Product Demo

APIs are key to making every business a digital business. Businesses need APIs to connect with partners and customers, at any time, on any device, and to participate in the digital ecosystems. To be digital, a scalable flexible API infrastructure is required.

Join the Live Demo of Apigee Edge to learn how to:

• Easily configure and manage new APIs and enforce security with minimal impact to backend services
• Create, manage and monetize API products
• Extend API Services to increase flexibility and tailor to business requirements with JavaScript, Java, Python, and Node.js
• Provide developers easy, yet secure access to explore, test, and deploy APIs
• Use end-to-end visibility across the digital value chain to monitor, measure, and manage success. with unified operational, developer, app performance, and business metrics

Apigee Edge enables digital business acceleration with a unified and complete platform, purpose-built for the digital economy. Edge simplifies managing the entire digital value chain with API Services, Developer Services, and Analytics Services.

Download Slides: http://slidesha.re/1yExOGb
Download Podcast: http://bit.ly/1Cy6p6W