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Building our home-screen, Dev – 1.0

As we said in previous blog post we decided to use Objective-C to build a native iOS app. We have been working hard on the development and this is where we are so far : These are two screen shots taken from the progress made so far. We have a live map of Ireland that updates daily. It […]


Accessing file from/to ios device

This is to enable you to browse/modify files in your app documents on ios device. Slightly different in ios, as app need to allow file sharing before. But simple process 1- Edit your plist file to add UIFileSharingEnabled = YES or  UIFileSharingEnabled if you are editing directly. Same can be done from project settings-> Info (refer below screenshots) 2- Now build […]


Hosting your ZendFramework 2 application in HostingCrab

Hi everybody. We are going to continue with the posts: How to upload your application to HostingCrab. ZendFramework is an open source, object-oriented web application framework implemented in PHP 5 and licensed under the New BSD License and can run on any PHP stack that fulfills the technical requirements. (Source Wikipedia) The first step is to […]