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Swift: The Curious Case of NSDecimalNumber

Swift: The Curious Case of NSDecimalNumber

It’s crazy how much I’m used to Swift failable initializers already. Just yesterday I was working with NSDecimalNumber, when I encountered the following scenario:

IOS Development 8: Working with Photos Framework

IOS Development 8: Working with Photos Framework

We present Photos Framework , a library that offers Apple will allow us to work with the library of photos and videos easily.


If prior to iOS August you have attempted to use the photos that the user keeps in his gallery, you’ll notice that it is a true labor, not only for the little feature that we have on the photographs, but also for cryptic was the API.

Now with Photos Framework our problems are over a framework designed to enable us to work easily with photos of the user who has installed our app.

The functionality will not be limited to save pictures on the reel, but will be able to retrieve existing photos, collections, time, user favorites, and much more …

Photos Framework is one of the two frameworks , with Photos UI , which make up the suite PhotosKit .