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Setting up your Production-ready Polymer 1.0 Application Development

via Setting up your Production-ready Polymer 1.0 Application Development | Walking Tree.

Any technology we choose to build our project, it is very important that our project lifecycle is managed with effective set of tools that make our overall project development efficient. Depending upon the technology, it may take a while, initially, to set it up but once it is in place, the benefit of it cannot be undermined. Besides, it gives you the much needed agility when it comes to releasing quality code, frequently.

In this article, we are going to run through the different stages of a project life-cycle for a Polymer 1.0 project and talk about the related tools that can help you run the project, efficiently.

A typical project development involves following (not necessarily in the mentioned sequence):

  1. Generate project using a template – termed as Scaffolding
  2. Making changes to the generated code
  3. Code documentation
  4. Ensuring Code Quality
  5. Running application
  6. Cross browser testing
  7. Unit Testing the code (& CI)
  8. Building the application for QA
  9. E2E Testing (& CI)
  10. Production deployment

Let us review each of these items and see how do we setup our project for the same.