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Introducing Argo 1.0: More Power, More Fun

via Introducing Argo 1.0: More Power, More Fun.

Argo 1.0 is out! We wanted to slim down Argo while maintaining usability and give it more power, so we sifted through every line and asked “Is this needed?”, “Is there a better way?”, and “Is this named properly?”. What we’re left with is an all-around better Argo that’s easier to use and debug.

Functional JSON parsing library for Swift

via thoughtbot/Argo · GitHub.

The Greek word for swift and the ship used by Jason, son of Aeson, of the Argonauts. Aeson is the JSON parsing library in Haskell that inspired Argo, much like Aeson inspired his son Jason.

NOTE: The master branch of Argo is pushing ahead with Swift 1.2 support. Support for Swift 1.1 can be found on branch swift-1.1 and in the 0.3.x versions of tags/releases.