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Java EE + MongoDb with Apache TomEE and Jongo Starter Project

Java EE + MongoDb with Apache TomEE and Jongo Starter Project

Know MongoDB and Java EE, but you don’t know exactly how to integrate both of them? Do you read a lot about the topic but you have not found a solution which fits this purpose? This starter project is for you:

You will learn how to use MongoDB and Java EE in a fashion way without having to depend on Spring Data MongoDB framework but with “similar” basic features.
The only thing better than a Maven archetype is a repository you can fork with everything already setup. Skip the documentation and just fork-and-code. This starter project contains:
The example is pretty simple, we want to store colors inside a MongoDB collection.
Our POJO is like:

Java EE7 and Maven project for newbies – part 7 – #jpa2 and Unit testing using #arquillian / #WildflyAs 8.1 #maven #jboss – using a real Datasource (#postgresql)

Java EE7 and Maven project for newbies – part 7

Resuming from the previous parts

Part #1, Part #2, Part #3, Part #4, Part #5 , Part #6

In the previous post (num 6) we discovered how we can unit test our JPA2 domain model, using Arquillian and Wildfly 8.1 In the previous post we made a simple configuration decision, we used the internal H2 database that is bundled with Wildfly 8.1 and the already configured Datasource (called ExampleDS). But what about a real DBMS? In this post we are going to extend a bit the previous work, use the same principles and
  • test towards a running PostgreSQL in our localhost
  • use some of the really nice features of the ShrinkWrap API, Arquillian Offers.