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Arduino Neural Networks

Neural Networks are another type of Artificial Intelligence used in computing. They are used in computer games, expert systems and at many more places.

A in a limited way you are able to use them on Arduino too – eg. to steer an Arduino robot! In my presentation I will explain more about this topic.

This slides were presented on my presentation “Arduino, roboti a neurální sítě” at Czech Arduino Day 2015 on BarCamp Plzeň (more info at https://plzenskybarcamp.cz/2015/arduino-day) #ArduinoD15 #Arduino #barCampCZ


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Video: C++ DirectX Game Development: Animations and Advanced Game AI

C++ DirectX Game Development: Animations and Advanced Game AI

Hooked on C++/DirectX game development? It’s a steep learning curve, that’s for sure, but it’s so worth it! Roll up your sleeves, and join experts Bryan Griffiths and Mickey MacDonald, as they explore the wow factor! Expand upon the prototype from the previous courses in the series with new gameplay, artificial intelligence (AI), and animations.

In this Jump Start training, learn to add more depth to the overall game, increase your understanding of project potential, and decide where to go from here, as you assess game features, explore testing/verification, and consider situational awareness.

[00:00:00] Getting Started
Get an introduction to the day and the topics to be covered, and take a quick look at the current state of the prototype.
– Goals for the Day
– Expanding The Game
– Picking The Right Tools
– Keeping Your Code Clean

[00:21:04] Simple Animations
Explore a starting point for animations in your game engine. These simple animations serve to “open doors” or other such simple motions, adding a new layer to your somewhat static game.
– What counts as a simple animation?
– The Animate class
– Adding an animation to an object
– Where To Take The System From Here

[00:56:44] Gameplay Expansion
Add new gameplay mechanics to the prototype to increase the diversity of challenges and tactics from fight to fight.
– More Power-Ups
– Power-Downs
– Let Enemies Get Power-Ups And Downs
– Further Extensions

[01:33:42] AI Expansion
Learn how to adapt your AI to take advantage of and respond to the new game play mechanics. Get a final wrap-up, and hear thoughts about the project.
– A review of the system
– The illusion of intelligence
– What we want from our updated behaviors

Introduction to Neural Networks Course

via Introduction to Neural Networks Course – Encog Machine Learning Framework.

Introduction to Neural Networks with Java/C# is a course that introduces the Java/C# programmer to the world of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Neural network architectures, such as the feedforward, Hopfield, and self-organizing map architectures will be presented. Training techniques, such as backpropagation, genetic algorithms and simulated annealing are also introduced. Practical examples are given for each neural network. Examples will be examined that include the traveling salesman problem, handwriting recognition, financial prediction, game strategy, mathematical functions, and Internet bots.

This course will be conducted using videos, material posted to the website, a discussion forum and optional assignments to allow you test your understanding. This course will use the book Introduction to Neural Networks for Java/C#. All Java/C# source code is available online for easy downloading.

Video Lecture 21: Machine Learning – Perceptrons

Video Lecture 20: Machine Learning – Naive Bayes’