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Asciidoc Book Editor based on JavaFX 8

via asciidocfx/AsciidocFX · GitHub.

Video – Writing Books with Asciidoc FX


Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux ..)

Creating Asciidoc Books

Creating PDF, HTML, Epub, Mobi, Docbook

Full-Screen & External Browser Support

Real-Time Preview

Table Generator

MathJax Extension

PlantUML Extension

Filesystem Tree Extension

PlantUML Extension

You can fulfill your UML needs with AsciidocFX. It supports PlantUML.

PlantUML is a component that allows to quickly write :

Sequence diagram,

Usecase diagram,

Class diagram,

Activity diagram, (here is the new syntax),

Component diagram,

State diagram,

Object diagram.

wireframe graphical interface