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Getting Started with NodeJS LoopBack Connector for Couchbase

via StrongLoop | Getting Started with Node.js LoopBack Connector for Couchbase.

LoopBack is the leading open source, enterprise-ready Node.js framework for helping developers to create APIs integrated with legacy and next gen backends that at the same time enables mobile and micro services architectures.

LoopBack models connect to backend systems like databases via data sources that provide create, read, update and delete (CRUD) functions through the LoopBack Juggler: a modern ORM/ODM. These data sources are backed by connectors that implement connection and data access logic using database drivers or other client APIs. In addition, there are connectors for REST and SOAP APIs, NoSQL, messaging middleware, storage services and more. For example, StrongLoop maintains connectors for:


StrongLoop’s Connectors make it easy to get your Node apps and APIs to connect and perform CRUD operations with new and legacy datastores, whether they be in your datacenter or in the cloud. Read more>>