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Composition in Aurelia.io: Creating a Report Builder

via Composition in Aurelia.io: Creating a Report Builder.

When learning about a new framework we often see trivial demos depicting the framework’s basic features, for example the well-known TodoMVC Application. And that’s great — I mean who doesn’t like Todo apps, right? Well today, we’re going to take a slightly different tack. We’re going to shun the generic and instead focus on one of the unique core features of the Aurelia framework: visual composition.

Aurelia, the new kid on the block, has already been introduced in a previous article, along with it’s capabilities of extending HTML. By the end of this article we should get a better understanding of how composition helps to assemble complex screens out of small resuable components. To do so we’re going to create a report builder app. You can find a demo of the app here and find the full source code here.