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ES7 async/await with Aurelia

via ES7 async/await with Aurelia.

In this post we’ll cover how the new Async/await keywords can be used in conjunction with Aurelia’s screen activation lifecycle.

In Aurelia you can opt-in to any of the screen activation lifecycle events by implementing the appropriate method on your viewmodel. If your method returns a promise, the router will wait for the promise to resolve before proceeding to the next step.

Creating your first Aurelia app: From authentication to calling an API

via Creating your first Aurelia app: From authentication to calling an API.

Aurelia is a great client-side JavaScript framework and adding JWT authentication to Aurelia apps is easy with the aurelia-auth package. Check out the GitHub repo for this article to find out how to add authentication to your Aurelia app.

Aurelia is a client-side JavaScript framework that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. One of the nice aspects of Aurelia is that it anticipates common application needs and provides simple conventions for accomplishing them. In some ways, Aurelia is similar to Angular 2, so parts of it may look familiar if you’ve checked out Angular 2 already.

Aurelia Release for JSPM Beta

via Aurelia Release for JSPM Beta.

The spec for the standard JS module loader has recently been changing. The JSPM and SystemJS teams have been working hard to align with the new specs. And as of this release, Aurelia is now aligned with the new JSPM and SystemJS Beta.

What Is Aurelia-CLI? How Does It Work?

via What Is Aurelia-CLI? How Does It Work?.

Aurelia is the latest JavaScript single application framework. Recently the Aurelia team release a tool calledAurelia-CLI. This is a command line tool that will help with bundling and scaffolding. We’ll be going over some basic commands today.

If you want to learn more about the framework itself check out my Aurelia getting started guide and myblog example. Both go over some basic concepts on what Aurelia is and how to use it. Of course the official Aurelia getting started guide works as well.


via Scott Logic: Creating less2css using Aurelia.

The less2css site allows you to try out less and see the resultant css. Its been a great learning and testing tool, but has been out of date a while (version 2 not available) and it’s been frustrating that its not hosted on github pages (it hasn’t been that reliable) and that it requires a serverside component. I thought this would be a good project to try Aurelia out on.

Video: Building Web Apps with Aurelia

In this tutorial, you will learn the how to get started with AureliaJS, the powerful new ECMAScript6+ framework form Durandal. The talk covers tooling (JSPM, Gulp, and the SystemJS extensions to the ES6 module loader as they are used in Aurelia.js); the Aurelia dependency injection container, the three forms of data binding, and basic router configuration, and more. This video can help you learn the absolute essentials to start building web apps in Aurelia.

Video: Introducing Aurelia

In this video Rob will introduce you to Aurelia, a next generation JavaScript client framework that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity. You’ll learn how to build a simple navigation app that switches between two pages and queries a web api for data. You’ll also see how effortless creating HTML Behaviors, such as Custom Elements, is.