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Video: Building an Application With JAWS: The AWS Lambda-based Serverless Framework

Building an Application With JAWS: The AWS Lambda-based Serverless Framework
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There’s so much great content from the Amazon re:Invent conference that it’s almost impossible to get through it all. I’m going to share some of my favorites over the next few weeks. Here is a presentation on JAWS. An intriguing serverless framework built on AWS Lambda and several other AWS services.

Here’s the presentation description:

Running MongoDB 3.0 on AWS

Running MongoDB 3.0 on AWS
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Running MongoDB 3.0 on AWS from MongoDB

Video: Web Components in production

Imagine many teams distributed over the globe working on different services. Each team is small enough to be fed with two large pizzas. Got that? Welcome to AWS! This is what makes us successful, but it also brings its own challenges. One of them is ensuring accessibility, performance, and consistency across all our UIs. Because of this we chose to explore Web Components in the last year and I want to share what we have learned. I will go over the current state and support of all Web Components building blocks. It will get technical fast as I tell you why polyfills did not work for us. We continued to investigate the underlying technology and wrote our own library that I want to share with you. As no goal can be achieved by ‘only’ producing code, I will also explain what I did in addition.

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