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Desktop Java Tutorials

Desktop Java Tutorials

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Creating a DSL for AWT’s Robot

via Creating a DSL for AWT’s Robot | Martin’s Developer World.

The Java SDK ships with the class java.awt.Robot that allows the automation of keyboard and mouse input as well as the creation of screen captures. When you want to write a small test application that simulates user input or you just want to automate the input of some recurring text, this features comes in handy. But you do not want to write every time a complete Java application.

On the other hand ANTLR is a parser generator that enables us to create “Domain Specific Languages” (DSL). With the help of ANTLR we can develop a simple DSL that provides one command for each of the methods of java.awt.Robot. From then on we can easily write a script for various kinds of simple automation tasks.

Creating a JDBC GUI Application

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Java in its core is inherently a GUI language, rich in more than one graphical user interface, such as AWT, Swing, JavaFX, QtJambi, SWT, and so forth. It presents a user-friendly mechanism for application interaction, giving a distinctive look and feel. Although they have different architectural cores, they do not fail to provide applications with consistent, intuitive user interface components. JDBC programming is really hard to realize without a GUI interface. These frameworks are suitable for creating database-oriented desktop applications. Swing is good but JavaFX is better and QtJambi is the best (IMHO); SWT is quite powerful, and yet I never liked it. Here we shall try to create a simple CRUD application with Swing, JavaFX, QtJambi, and SWT to get a taste of GUI from the perspective of a JDBC programmer