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Persisting Data with Xamarin.Forms is a Pain in the BaaS

via: developer.telerik.com

Before we get started, you’ll need to download Xamarin and sign up for the Telerik Platform, if you haven’t already done so.

Tetra: NodeJS RESTful API / BaaS Platform

via telepharm/tetra · GitHub.

Back-End as a Service platform built in Node.JS and developed to allow for simplified deployment, versioning and management of RESTful APIs.

If a blog post is more your thing, check out our blog post on quickly getting started with Tetra


Video: Using The Firebase Backend-As-A-Service (BaaS) In AngularJS

Ben Nadel takes his first look at Firebase – the data storage and synchronization Backend-as-a-Service (Baas) – and how it might integrate with AngularJS.

Open-source Back-end as a Service (BaaS)

via doubleleft/hook · GitHub.

hook is a extendable multitenant Back-end as a Service (BaaS) that provides data persistance, authentication, real-time communication and much more to create the back-end of your web or mobile application.

It follows the same principles from nobackend, hoodie.js and Parse

Mirror of Apache Usergrid

Click to Read: Apache Usergrid is a multi-tenant Backend-as-a-Service stack for web & mobile applications, based on RESTful APIs.