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Sails Chatter: A very simple real-time chat app

via itslenny/Sails-Chatter · GitHub.

A very simple real-time chat app that I created to demonstrate how quickly real-time apps can be thrown together with pure javascript.

Frontend built with plain JavaScript (no jquery, angular, etc) and uses the socket.io helper that is included with sails.

Backend created using Sails.js (express.js framework), socket.io, and postgres.

View the live demo on heroku

Video: Binding the front and back-end together with Node.js and Canvas

Building Apps with Node.js (5/6) Connecting the UI to the Back End

Developer and IT training videos: http://goo.gl/QBWjvA

Learn how to build websites & apps: http://goo.gl/p9DrUh

Start to bring everything together, as you watch how to connect the user interface to the back end services.