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Setting up an Amazon EC2 Render Farm for Maya and 3ds Max with Backburner

I’ve been doing a lot of investigation of remote computing these days. If you haven’t been following, I’ve shared info on Running Autodesk Software on Amazon with Otoy, Running Autodesk Software in a Web Browser with Amazon and Otoy and Autodesk Remote: Running Desktop Software on an iPad.
I found a very thorough set of videos from Jud Pratt talking about how to set up an Amazon EC2 render farm for Maya and 3ds Max with Backburner. Jud recorded these a couple years back so you may see some differences but it generally looks ok. Disclaimer: I have not tried the workflow Jud describes but it seems clear. Presumably, this would work for other products in conjunction with Backburner.
Jud outlines the process as:
Setting up your Amazon Instances
Installing your software (this step could be simpler if you used the preconfigured Maya and 3ds Max instances that I previously described – you’ll likely still want an FTP client though you could optionally use your Autodesk 360 Storage)
Setting up a max price for your spot instances
Launching renders from within 3ds Max and Maya
Here is the grand finale of what Jud has put together 🙂