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Video: Cucumber for Java

nterview with Seb Rose on the Cucumber framework for Java and practical advice on how to approach Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

Jasmine-Matchers: Additional matchers for the Jasmine BDD JavaScript testing library

via JamieMason/Jasmine-Matchers · GitHub.


ROR : TDD / BDD with RSpec : Initial Setup ( Copied )

RSpec Setup in Rails 4 An up-to-date testing environment setup for Rails 4, including RSpec, Capybara, and FactoryGirl. Gems Gems gonna used are:


How to Cucumber : Test Reporting Plugin with Maven and Java

It is often useful to show the results of our tests to others people who are not developers, like managers or executive. This tutorial shows how to integrate a Cucumber reporting a Java plugin in Maven project. The result is a simple web page, which does not require a special tool to be read.


Behavioral Driven Design (BDD) with jBehave

via May 2015: Behavioral Driven Design (BDD) with jBehave :: OCI.

Test-driven development (TDD) is a software development principle and practice, a way of developing valuable software. Test-driven development is closely tied to the test-first programming method of eXtreme Programming (XP). Kent Beck rediscovered and popularized this practice in his book, “Test Driven Development by Example.” (1)

Most people agree that TDD is very valuable in software development, though problems still exist. Developers need to know where to start, what to test and what not to test, how much to test, what to call their tests, and how to understand why a test fails.

So let’s take TDD one step further with behavioral driven-development (BDD). While TDD focuses on the developer’s point of view, on how the feature should work, BDD focuses on the user’s perspective, on how the feature should behave. Thus, BDD is an evolution of TDD.

v3.0 API Developer Guide

via v3.0 API Developer Guide.

Preamble v3 is a powerful BDD based JavaScript testing framework that runs in any modern HTML5 compliant browser as well as headless via PhantomJS. Preamble has no additional dependencies on any other libraries and has a very powerful assertion engine that your test suites interface with through a very simple to use but semantically rich and intuitive API.

Video: HandsOn B.D.D. from scratch with Serenity and JBehave

In this video, you’ll see how to start a B.D.D. approach from scratch with JBehave framework and Serenity reporting library.