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AWS Beanstalk Worker with Node.js and SQS

Part 1 – Setting up an AWS SQS Queue for Use With Node.js Beanstalk Worker Instances Part 2 – Setting up a Hapi.js App that sends work to a Node.js AWS Worker via SQS Part 3 – AWS Beanstalk Worker with Node.js and SQS (This is the current article you’re reading now) First I created a […]


Deploying a Java project to AWS

Learn how to deploy a Java Project on AWS.


Running a Docker container on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

via Running a Docker container on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Continuing on the Docker theme I figured I’d try to get a container running on AWS. Google App Engine has Docker support in closed “preview” mode, so Amazon beat them to the punch on this one.

So here we go… I’m going to run a simple nodejs server in my docker container for this example. Yes, the Beanstalk does let you run nodejs without Docker, but you can never nodejs enough.

Using non-GitHub Repos with PhoneGap Build

Using non-GitHub Repos with PhoneGap Build

PhoneGap Build already has integration with GitHub, but we host our private work repos on BeanStalk, so that does not help very much.

After some brief searching and contacting BeanStalk support, I figured out how to add my repo to PhoneGap Build.