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Leonel Quinteros Resume

Leonel Quinteros is a Web Developer has 9 YEARS of IT Industry experience. His current location is Argentina and he is willing to relocate anywhere in USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, England, Ireland. His area of Expertise are PHP, Javascript, MySQL, MongoDB, AngularJS, Jquery, Boostrap, CSS3, HTML5 etc. He is looking out for sponsorship. He is available with in 1 Week notice period. If interested please E-mail him at leonelquinteros@outlook.com or call him at +54 3446-522407

Yeoman + AngularJS = Easy Web Applications

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Yeoman is actually a very simple tool. Provided you have already installed Node.JS (if you have not, download it here) – just fire up a command line and navigate to a blank folder (usually a git repo).

Once you have navigated to a folder from where you want to build a web application, head over to the Yeoman website and take a look at all the “generators” listed. Yeoman generators are just templates: very well organized, and usually quite scalable. For this example, we will be using the angular generator. This generator creates a basic AngularJS web application, and comes with some nice goodies like pre-installed Boostrap.