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Build an enterprise supply chain app on Bluemix

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The IBM Bluemix™ cloud development platform provides the infrastructure, runtime environments, reusable services, rich ecosystem and DevOps tooling to help you quickly build and deploy enterprise apps. For example, we built an enterprise supply chain app on Bluemix as a system of engagement integrated with various technologies.

We built the app with the Node.js runtime, custom cloud services on Bluemix, BLU Acceleration, and Business Rules on Bluemix integrated it with IBM Worklight Server, Business Process Management (BPM), Content Management, and an API platform for enterprise connectivity to corporate back-end systems.

The steps and code samples in this tutorial will help you create and deploy a similar enterprise app.

Bonita Dashboard built on AngularJS

Bonita BPM Dashboard built on AngularJS and integrated as a custom page in the Bonita Portal. Original Post>>

Dynamic ADF Form Solution for Oracle BPM Process

I was working recently on integrating ADF and BPM environments. This worked pretty well, all configuration was done based on my previous blog post for similar topic, only previous ADF and BPM versions – BPM 11g R1 Worklist Integration (Hacking Experiment) Into Non-SOA ADF 11g R2 Domain. Goal of this post is to describe dynamic ADF form approach associated with BPM process human task.

BPM payload contains additional element called voInstanceName. This element is supposed to contain ADF VO instance name, this instance will be used later to render dynamic ADF UI for the currently selected task: Read more>>

Bonita BPM + AngularJS, the ideal combination for your process

A successful process application project needs a graphical interface that meets the needs of its users.

Bonita BPM integrates a set of tools to build graphical interfaces that work with your processes. But when some dedicated interfaces need more than what Bonita BPM natively provides, you can either extend the Bonita BPM Portal or to build your own applications over Bonita BPM interfaces. Bonita BPM integrates seamlessly into existing web application architectures.

This webinar will show you how to integrate Bonita BPM in a developed interface using the AngularJS framework, and how to deploy this interface in the Bonita BPM custom portal pages. We will also discuss Bonita REST API.

In this webinar you will see:
– A summary of the REST API
– A summary of AngularJS
– How to integrate Bonita BPM in a web page with AngularJS with the example of a user dashboard
– How to integrate this page into a custom page of the Bonita BPM Portal

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SOA12c http://t.co/Dq5Dl60X6p BPM12c http://t.co/9dcoMzntSR WebLogic12c http://t.co/DP4zFIabn7