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Password encryption in the Liquibase Maven plugin

The Liquibase Maven plugin requires us to specify the password of the database schema for which we want to execute a series of database scripts. It seems that the password attribute in the configuration section of the Maven plugin only accepts plain-text passwords. This is absolutely not desirable in enterprise environments. Luckily, we can take advantage of Maven’s standard solution for password encryption, a feature that was […]


Deploying enterprise liferay dependency in local maven repository

Download the Liferay maven kit from Liferay customer portal and unzip it. Configure the local maven repository path and id in the {unzippedliferaymavenkit}\build.properties file.


JavaFX on Android with JavaFXPorts

Nowadays there is a tool that allows to deploy your JavaFX application easily and run it on Android and iOS devices (thus making the phrase “write once run everywhere” true) and it’s called JavaFXPorts. I’ve encountered a few small issues while experimenting with this tool and researching on the internet I came to the conclusion […]


Vallgrind and Android working together

Introduction Valgrind has severall tools that can be used to identify and profile native applications, such as memcheck, callgrind, etc… This document will cover the settings for memcheck only. This document is intended to be used with native Android applications. Installation Get sources from web from http://valgrind.org Get Android ndk configure environment as bellow inside […]


Building a Docker Container for a Node Application

Thus far in my quest for Docker enlightenment I’ve discussed the pros and cons of Docker, installed Docker on an Ubuntu virtual machine, installed node on that machine and generally set things up. I now have a node application running inside Ubuntu. It’s time to move that into a container. One of the compelling features […]