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Fit Any Backend Into Ember with Custom Adapters & Serializers

via Fit Any Backend Into Ember with Custom Adapters & Serializers – Ember Igniter.

An API is a language and for successful communication, parties have to understand each other.

In our app-world, backends (be it Rails, CakePHP, Django, Express, or any other) often dictate the rules and styles of this language. They define an API and it’s the client’s job to adhere to it – even with a common alphabet like JSON.

In this guide we’ll explore Ember Data strategies that aid us in that “translation” process.

CakePHP2: ACL system using controller action annotations

For the CakePHP book I wrote, I thought it would make sense to showcase to users how they might come up with an alternative to the ACL system that comes with CakePHP. As annotations are an interesting way of adding attributes to actions – and it’s relatively easy to modify during application development – I decided that a method to do so via annotations would be the way to go. Click to Read>>