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Nodejs : Lets get started !

Why Nodejs? Nodejs is a server side platform based on the powerful Chrome V8 engine. It combines JavaScript libraries and the Chrome JavaScript runtime environment. It is very suitable for creating lightweight distributed applications which are heavy on I/O operations. Also data intensive applications scale well with nodejs. Nodejs runs on a single thread! Confusing? […]


From Callback to Future -> Functor -> Monad

via From Callback to Future -> Functor -> Monad — Medium.

This article appeared first at tech.pro. Sadly the site was suspended so i decided to republish it here. If you’ve already read the original article, you can skip to the side effects section where the original content has been modfied

A look at callbacks vs generators vs coroutines

via Callbacks vs Coroutines — Medium.

There’s been a lot of arguing lately regarding a somewhat recent Google V8 patch providing the ES6 generators, sparked by “A Study on Solving Callbacks with JavaScript Generators”. While generators still sit behind the —harmony or —harmony-generators flags it’s enough to get your feet wet! In this post I want to go through my experiences with coroutines and why I personally think they’re a great tool.