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Part 1: Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB

Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB- Part-1
// Kogonuso
By Mohamed Sanaulla

Over a series of 2 posts or so, I would try and show how to develop a simple Todo Desktop application using JavaFX as the Frontend, and the well known NoSQL database MongoDB as the Backend and using Java as the glue between both of them. The main aim of developing this application is to understand how we can use MongoDB and its Java driver to communicate with Java applications.

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A brief about MongoDB: It is a document oriented NoSQL database, which stores the data in the form of JSON-like document structure. I can go one and write more, but we can explore as we go along.
In this post, I would cover:

  • Installing MongoDB
  • Trying out MongoDB using the command line.
  • Downloading the Java driver for MongoDB
  • Developing the backend for our application.

Using JavaFX Chart API to add charts to Swing applications

Using JavaFX Chart API to add charts to Swing applications
// Kogonuso

By Mohamed Sanaulla

In our previous post we looked at how we can embed JavaFX components into Swing applications. As Java Swing lacks Charting API, we can make use of the JavaFX Chart API and not depend on other 3rd party libraries like JFreeChart and others. The javafx.scene.chart is the package which contains all the charting related classes. In this example we will look at creating Scatter Charts and Bar Charts which are categorized as XYCharts which is nothing but these charts are plotted on a X and Y axis. The classes for the charts to be used are javafx.scene.chart.ScatterChart and javafx.scene.chart.BarChart. If you happen to look at the declaration of these classes, they accept generic types where X indicates the type on the X Axis and Y indicates the type on the Y axis. These charts require a set of axis to be defined before they are used. If the axis is of type Number, then one can use NumberAxis and for String values one can make use of CategoryAxis. For each of the Number axis or category axis we can define the range of of values to be plotted on the axis. Let me show some code on how it can be achieved: