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UI Testing Cheat Sheet and Examples

via UI Testing Cheat Sheet and Examples · Masilotti.com.

Shortly after Apple’s “Hey Siri” event the Xcode 7 GM was released to developers. Let’s put the betas behind us and take a look at some real world UI Testing examples.

The examples all use a test host that helps you manage your volleyball team. The app, Volley, lets the user manage the team roster, adjust the formation, and view game results. Feel free to take a look at the source code before continuing along to familiarize yourself with how it works.


via jQuery UI Events Cheatsheet | bitsofcode.

While creating the accessible multi-level dropdown navigation, I had to think a lot about which jQuery events were applicable for desktop vs mobile and mouse vs keyboard. I created a little Cheat Sheet for myself to reference, which turned out to be quite useful and so I thought I would share it.

Ultimate AngularJS and Ionic performance cheat sheet

via Ultimate AngularJS and Ionic performance cheat sheet | Julien Renaux Blog.

AngularJS and Ionic performance is often questioned. The reason is because it does not necessarily comes out of the box. This post list all you need to focus on in order to get the best performance and user experience out of them.

Math-as-code: A cheat-sheet for mathematical notation in code form

via Jam3/math-as-code · GitHub.

This is a reference to ease developers into mathematical notation by showing comparisons with JavaScript code.

Motivation: Academic papers can be intimidating for self-taught game and graphics programmers. 🙂

This guide is not yet finished. If you see errors or want to contribute, please open a ticket or send a PR.

Note: For brevity, some code examples make use of npm packages. You can refer to their GitHub repos for implementation details.

Part 1: The Ultimate AngularJS Cheat Sheet

via The Ultimate AngularJS Cheat Sheet – Part 1.

This AngularJS cheat sheet aims at providing a quick reference to the most commonly used features in AngularJS. It will also make you quickly productive with Angular. The cheat sheet is divided into two parts: Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced Developers.

Core Data Cheat Sheet for Swift iOS Developers

via Core Data Cheat Sheet for Swift iOS Developers – Andrew Bancroft.

Having trouble recalling how to perform basic Core Data operations? This cheat sheet is a handy reference to keep you productive with Core Data and Swift!

The code snippets below are here to help jog your memory when it’s been a while since you’ve worked in Core Data. They could also be helpful for newcomers to iOS development, Core Data, and Swift.

Scala.Option Cheat Sheet

via λ Tony’s blog λ – scala.Option Cheat Sheet.

Many people who are coming in to Scala first encounter the Option type, which may be thought of (among other things) as a type-safe null. They also encounter pattern matching as both a new and (relatively) powerful concept, but also one that is easy to understand. This leads to quite a lot of use of pattern matching and often excessively so in what I have observed.

Particularly with a type as trivial as Option, it is almost always possible to do away with pattern matching by using a higher-order function. Use of this function is typically preferred over pattern matching as tighter code. In fact, it is important to observe that it is possible to encapsulate all forms of pattern matching over Option with one simple higher-order function: