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8 Best Machine Learning Cheat Sheets

via 8 Best Machine Learning Cheat Sheets | DesigniMag.

Machine learning as we all know is a subfield of computer science that has evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. It helps in exploring the construction and study of algorithms. Machine learning is not something that is too hard to learn infact with little help, one can go ahead and work on different projects. Infact, it is the hottest buzz that is attracting the attention of many.

While some of you might be busy going through the 12 Best Free Ebooks for Machine Learning, chances are that many of you have taken the step and trying to gather the resources and learning ways to proceed and handle projects. If you are the one who has decided to pursue then we promise to help you with as much useful stuff as possible. Today, we have come up with best machine learning cheat sheets that are not too much in number but are simply worth it.

Take a look and enjoy the ease of workflow with these below listed best machine learning cheat sheets.

npm cheat sheet

via Browsenpm.org | Nodejitsu Inc.

For the full table of contents see below, but first here is a quick cheatsheet of several npm commands: