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Developing an Educational App for Chromebooks*

via Developing an Educational App for Chromebooks* | Intel® Developer Zone.

Google Chromebooks* are relatively new to the computing scene, but already they are becoming increasingly popular within the education space. Schools and instructors favor Chromebooks because of their competitive pricing and undeniable reliability; whereas, students favor them for their ease of use and trouble-free operation. A common misconception is that Chromebooks have to be connected to the Internet in order to function. This misconception is well-founded because most developers don’t utilize the ability of apps to work offline. If developed correctly, Chromebooks are as flexible as any other PC platform. This case study outlines the lessons learned in developing an educational flashcard client and server that utilize some of the unique features of Chromebooks and the Chrome* web browser.

It is important to note that apps developed for Chromebooks are fully compatible with other operating systems that support the Google Chrome browser. The fact that an app will behave the same across platforms makes developing for Chromebooks an ideal one-size-fits-all solution.