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Control your Java on Citrix

via vThoughts of IT: Control your Java on Citrix.

In a current project we face the dreadful Java update pop-up and run question on a regular bases. We’ve done several settings to disable this, but none really worked to the extent that no calls got in anymore.
I’ve been reading a massive amount of articles and messages of people on fora, never really seeing anything that worked. A few lines from those docs stuck in my mind, something about Java not applying settings the first time and so on.
Because the customer was still having the issue of getting an update message I tried some of the suggestions found online.
The suggestions were:
  • Create a variable to overcome the first-time-not-applying issue
  • Create properties file with all settings (had that one already but changed it).
  • Create config file to point to properties file
  • Add application certificate to trusted publishers
  • Add website to trusted sites
The last two ones are not for the updates message but for the run and trust this application message you get.