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Azure CLI supports Microsoft Account logins

Azure CLI supports Microsoft Account logins
// Microsoft Azure Blog

We are pleased to introduce Azure CLI v0.9.10 with support for logins via Microsoft Accounts (Live Ids). Azure CLI v0.9.10 is now available on WebPI, Mac, NPM and GitHub.

In previous versions of Azure CLI the only supported authentication schemes used Azure organizational accounts and service principals. Before this release, Azure CLI users were required to login to the Azure management portal, often using their Microsoft Account (Live Id), to create a user within their Azure Active Directory instance simply to login to Azure CLI. This flow offered an opportunity to improve the onboarding of new users to Azure CLI, so in partnership with Azure Active Directory we developed a new authentication flow for Azure CLI which enables the use of Microsoft Accounts.

ES6 Object Literal Features in Depth

via ES6 Object Literal Features in Depth.

Once again, this is ES6 in Depth. If you haven’t set foot on this series before, you might want to learn aboutdestructuring, template literals, arrow functions, or the spread operator and rest parameters. Today’s special is object literals in ES6. “Sure, I can use those today”, you say – object literals date all the way back to ES3. This article is about new features coming in ES6 for object literals.

Like I did in previous articles on the series, I would love to point out that you should probably set up Babel and follow along the examples with either a REPL or the babel-node CLI and a file. That’ll make it so much easier for you to internalize the concepts discussed in the series. If you aren’t the “install things on my computer” kind of human, you might prefer to hop on CodePen and then click on the gear icon for JavaScript – they have a Babel preprocessor which makes trying out ES6 a breeze.

Onto the new stuff!

vRA / vRO new 6.2 REST API Advanced

Advanced vRA REST API application including parsing request results and sending commands to the newly created VM


Commanding the CLI with Node

via Commanding the CLI with Node – Craftsy Engineering Blog.

Prior to Node v0.12, writing a command line tool in Node was a rather difficult proposition. There was no way to execute a command synchronously, so tools like ShellJS worked around this by blocking the event loop until a ‘done’ file was created on the filesystem signifying that the command was complete. Thankfully, Node v0.12 introduces the long-awaited child_process.execSync()method. Behind the scenes it uses its own event loop for each launched process and watches for the SIGCHLD signal to indicate that the process is done, but all of this is smoothly handled for you so all you need to care about is that Node can finally execute commands synchronously.

Monitoring the JBoss EAP / Wildfly Application Server with the Command Line Interface (CLI)

The JBoss EAP / Wildfly provides a powerful concept for management, configuration and monitoring of the JBoss Application Server itself and its Java EE Applications. The concept is based on the detyped management API. All management clients of the application server use this detyped management API to interact with the server. In this post we […]


Setting up an Apache server using AWS CloudFormation

This a is a brief and simple guide to spinning up an instance, installing Apache, and writing output to a webpage. Note that by following this guide you can incur charges. Im not responsible for them and will not be picking up your bill. Setup 1. Have an AWS account. You can signup for one […]


EC2 CLI for SSH connections

If you have read my previous posts, somehow, I always end up bringing up AWS. Although it is not the only service I use nor am I in any way related to it, I do use it very often. Often enough that I might spend a few hours putting something together that can save me […]