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Video: Introducing The API Lifecycle

Andreas Krohn – Dopter. Nordic APIs World Tour 2015: May 11 – Copenhagen. As a product APIs are both different and similar to other types of products. In some ways an API is just like any SaaS product. But in some ways an API as a product has it’s very own set of challenges and opportunities. In this presentation Andreas Krohn goes through the entire lifecycle of an API, from ideation to production to retirement. He compares the API lifecycle to other product lifecycles and highlights important focuses for API providers to consider when publishing their APIs.

For thought provoking pieces on everything APIs, check out the Nordic APIs blog: http://nordicapis.com/blog/

The theme for the Nordic APIs World Tour was the API Lifecycle. Read these Nordic APIs articles for more information on managing an API’s entire Lifecycle:


Video: Building Modular Cloud Applications in Java

Modularity is an architectural theme that you’ll hear about more and more. Being able to deal with change in a codebase is not something trivial and requires some serious thought. In this presentation you will learn how to create modular, robust, and durable enterprise Java applications fit for the Cloud Age. Using a modular development approach with Java, OSGi, and a wealth of open source components, you will be shown how to combine these into coherent applications without locking into one of the existing PaaS providers. Finally, we will focus on deployment, introducing Apache ACE, that allows to centrally manage and distribute software components to target systems in the cloud or on premise. Of course everything will be demonstrated using live coding!

Video: Introducing ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is a lean and composable framework for building web and cloud applications. ASP.NET 5 is fully open source and available on GitHub. In this technical talk The Lesser Scotts will put it all into context. What does that ASP.NET 5 mean for compatibility? What powerful new cloud scenarios does ASP.NET 5 enable? We’ll cover ASP.NET 5 both inside and outside the IDE, on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Build a smart mobile calorie monitor for Android

via Build a smart mobile calorie monitor for Android.

Use IBM Bluemix and the Mobile Cloud boilerplate to create a versatile, health-promoting Android app

Want to build a cool mobile app that promotes health and fitness? This tutorial shows how to use the Mobile Cloud boilerplate in IBM Bluemix to create an Android app that you and others can use to track calorie consumption and expenditure.

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The app uses the Mobile Data service to store and retrieve information about calories consumed by eating and spent via physical activity. You can also extend the app with the Push service to send reminders to enter calories consumed/spent and to send notifications when a new food item or activity is added.

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Bend it like Bluemix, MongoDB using Auto-scaling – Part 2!

This post takes off from my previous post Bend it like Bluemix, MongoDB using Auto-scale –  Part 1! In this post I generate traffic using Multi-Mechanize a performance test framework and check out the auto-scaling on Bluemix, besides also doing some rudimentary check on the latency and throughput for this test application. In this particular post I generate concurrent threads which insert documents into MongoDB.
Note: As mentioned in my earlier post this is more of a prototype and the typical situation when architecting cloud applications. Clearly I have not optimized my cloud app (bluemixMongo) for maximum efficiency. Also this a simple 2 tier application with a rudimentary Web interface and a NoSQL DB at This is more of a Proof of Concept (PoC) for the auto-scaling service on Bluemix. Read More>>